City travel study 2021/2022 

The study, carried out by the European Tourism Institute (ETI) together with the Deutschen Tourismusverband (DTV) and Saint Elmo‘s Tourismusmarketing and funded by the Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, aims to identify changed guest needs, types of offers, behaviour patterns, new framework conditions and design parameters for city tourism. For this purpose, more than 5,000 people in Germany with an affinity for city trips were asked about their behaviour around travel and information-gathering as well as about the awareness and suitability of 150 European cities.

A short and a long version can be downloaded here free of charge. 

You also have the option of receiving an individual evaluation of the study. On the one hand, it contains the evaluation of questions on behaviour around travel and information-gathering from the point of view of people who have already visited your city, so you can understand the differences to all the respondents. On the other hand, the evaluation contains a representation of the awareness and suitability of your city as a destination for 13 different travel occasions during and after the Covid pandemic as compared to 150 European cities.

You can order the individual evaluation of the study for your city at a price of 1,490 euros plus VAT by e-mail to

More information is available here: