With the help of our extensive methodology box, we provide you with all the tools to collect data tailored to your needs along the customer journey.

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Among other things, we offer digital market research along the customer journey, surveying of your guests online or on site, catchment area analyses for your location, and measurements of the movement of your guests on site. 

We are also at your disposal for individual questions using additional quantitative and qualitative study methods such as group discussions, individual explorations, etc.

Our work: Dutch day and overnight travel behaviour to Germany

In order to be able to describe and classify the travelling behaviour of Dutch people to Germany – with a special focus on the regions of Osnabrücker Land, Grafschaft Bentheim and Münsterland – we surveyed the Dutch population for EUREGIO e.V. over the course of a year via an online access panel. The overriding goal was to describe both the travellers and the stays themselves in detail, among other things in order to check the effectiveness of the implemented communication measures.

Client: EUREGIO Gronau
Period: Start September 2021
Contact person: Jurriën Dikken


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